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Career Markets Specific Terms

Document Version 3.1.1
Last modified: 2020-11-12

1 Overview

The rules outlined below accompany the Terms and Conditions

1.1  Career Markets offer an opportunity for customers to place Bets on the Career Performance of Players.

1.2  Customers are able to buy a Share(s) in Players. For the avoidance of doubt, the phrase “buy” a Share means to place a Bet and the phrase of “selling” a Share means to Cash Out of a Bet.

1.3  The owners of Shares will be eligible to receive winnings (referred to as “Dividends”) based on the Player’s performance in Events.  

1.4  There is a Scoring Table and Dividend Table outlines the Payout that owners of Shares will be eligible to earn. The Dividend Table also outlines the list of eligible Competitions and Leagues that Dividends will be paid across.

1.5  If you hold Shares in a Player you may be able to Cash Out (i.e. sell the Shares you own) by Offering them for either a Profit or a Loss. The successful sale relies on there being a corresponding Bid either from another Customer or SportStack, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to Cash Out.  Whilst you continue to own the Share, you will receive any Dividends due.

2 Placing Bets

There are 2 ways in which you can Bet/ buy Shares – by “Bidding on the Launchpad” (see 2.1 below), and by “Bidding in the Market” (see 2.2 below).

2.1  Bidding on the Launchpad

2.1.1  “Bidding on the Launchpad” is the Auction process where SportStack initially opens a Player’s Shares for the first time.

2.1.2  All Customers are given the opportunity to participate in an Auction process.

2.1.3  Customers can place Bids during a specific time period, known as the Bidding Window.

2.1.4  Customers are able to enter Bids up to a maximum number of Shares, known as the Share Limit. The Share Limit will change from time to time, and multiple Bids can be placed to reach this Share Limit during a Bidding Window. Cancelled Bids do not count towards this Share Limit.

2.1.5  Customers are able to enter a Limit Price that falls within, or at, the Guide Price Limits based on the Price they are willing to buy a Share. The Limit Price a Customer enters must be an accepted Price Increment.

2.1.6  Customers can Cancel their Bid during the Bidding Window, but not afterwards.

2.1.7  Once the Bidding Window has closed, Customers’ Bidding interest is assessed by SportStack and SportStack will sell an undefined number of Shares to Customers that have participated in the Players’ Auction. This is known as Issuing Shares. Only SportStack can Issue Shares at this moment in time.

2.1.8  SportStack will fill Orders based on a Price (highest first), then time-placed (earliest first), basis. We do not guarantee to fill all Bids at a single Price Increment if it also coincides with the level at which we reach our desired amount of total number of Shares that we wish to Issue.

2.1.9  Successful Bids on an Auction will be filled at their Limit Price, and the success of your Bids can be monitored in your Sportfolio.

2.1.10  Demand from Customers in the Auction may exceed the number of Shares which SportStack is willing to Issue. In this circumstance, Customers who have Unmatched or Partially Matched Bids will see the Unmatched portion Cancelled prior to SportStack opening the Market. The Stakes relating to the Unmatched portion of Bids will be returned to the Customer’s wallet.

2.1.11  Generally, each Player will only have one Auction in their career, and the schedule of these Auctions will be communicated to Customers via the Launchpad section.

2.2  Bidding in the Market

2.2.1  “Bidding in the Market” is a Customer expressing an interest to buy Shares in a Player that has already been through the Auction process.

2.2.2  Customers can enter a Bid by clicking the buy-tile associated with the Player.

2.2.3  Customers can define the number of Shares they wish to Bid for in a single transaction, up to the Share Limit.

2.2.4  Customers can place multiple Bids when “Bidding in the Market” – there is no maximum number of Shares that a Customer can buy and hold in their Sportfolio. This differs to “Bidding on the Launchpad”.

2.2.5  The entire Stake will be set aside at point of Bid placement regardless of the Matched, Unmatched, or Partially-Matched status of your Bid.

2.2.6  Customers can define the Price they would like to Bid at, but it must satisfy the Price Increment rules.

2.2.7  To place an Order, Customers must “Accept Price Moves”. SportStack’s definition may differ from other providers.

2.2.8  Customers can Cancel their Bid, subject to such Bid having not been Matched or Partially Matched.

2.2.9  SportStack can publish an Offer for each Player that reflects the levels of demand for buying or selling that Player in Careers Market at a given time. The higher the demand for a particular Player in the market, the higher the Offer will be.  SportStack may use an algorithm to determine the prices of any Offer which it makes and reserve the right to adapt its algorithms, in particular in instances of specific market conditions, changes in market scale and/or certain other events including but not limited to technical changes to the Platform.  The Offer price made by SportStack for a Player will fluctuate over time, depending on the levels of demand for buying/selling that Player experiences.

2.2.10  By “Bidding in a Market”, you are providing an opportunity for a Customer that owns Shares to Cash Out of their Bet. In certain circumstances SportStack may match your Bid for inventory management purposes.

2.3  There is no guarantee that Customers will be able to place Bids for Shares at all points of time. There may be periods of planned or unplanned platform downtime that may impact your ability to place a Bid. SportStack will try and communicate the planned periods of downtime, but at other times the Platform (or parts of the Platform) may be unavailable for extended periods of time. This includes access to the Platform to Cancel any Unmatched Bids you may have in Players.

2.4  Funds reserved for Bids are protected in the same way as cash balances until they are Matched, as per Clause 5.9 of our Terms and Conditions.

2.5  Bids will remain open indefinitely until they are successfully Matched or Cancelled. Be aware that some Bids may never be Matched if another Customer doesn’t choose to Cash Out of their existing Bet and/or SportStack do not choose to Issue Shares at that Price.

2.6  SportStack reserves the right to cancel any and all of your Bids at any time should you fail to adhere to these Product Specific Betting Rules, or the Terms and Conditions, or any other terms in force. SportStack also reserves the right to Cancel any and all Bids in situations as described at clause 11.3.2 of our Terms and Conditions, as well as in the event of major technical issues or material changes to the Platform. Such widespread cancellations would be exceptional.

2.7  In the event of service interruption leading to Customers being unable to Cancel their Bids, Bids can still be Matched.

2.8  Any Unmatched Bids will be cancelled as soon as possible in the event that your Account is restricted, as outlined in Clause 13 of these terms.

3 Closing Bets

You can sell Shares you own / close Bets– by “Offering in the Market”.  In addition, your Bet will be closed if it Expires.

3.1  Offering in the Market

3.1.1  “Offering in the Market” is the process of attempting to sell Shares that you already own.

3.1.2  By entering an Offer you are expressing an interest to Cash Out of your Bet early and making it available for other Customers to Bid.

3.1.3  Customers enter an Offer by clicking the sell-tile associated with the Player.

3.1.4  Customers can define the number of Shares they wish to Offer in a single transaction, up to the Share Limit.

3.1.5  Customers can place multiple Offers – the maximum number of Shares that a Customer can Offer at any time is equal to the number of Shares they own.

3.1.6  Customers can define the Price they would like to Offer at, but it must satisfy the Price Increment rules.

3.1.7  By placing an Order, Customers must “Accept Price Moves”.  SportStack’s definition may differ from other providers.

3.1.8  Customers can Cancel their Offer, subject to such Offer having not been Matched or Partially Matched.

3.1.9  If your Offer is Matched in the market by a corresponding Bid, the proceeds from the sale will be returned to your wallet net of the Commission outlined in Clause 11.

3.1.10  If you hold Shares which are subject to Unmatched Offers, such Shares will continue to earn Dividends.

3.1.11  Once your Offer has been Matched, you have Cashed Out of your Bet early, and you will no longer be eligible to earn Dividends from that Share.

3.1.12  SportStack do not guarantee a Cash Out will be available for any Bet.

3.2  Bet Expires

3.2.1  A Bet will Expire when the respective Player is Removed, see section 8 below for detail.

4 Crossing

4.1  In rare situations, Crossing may occur. This may be as a result of volatile moves on the price of Shares on Careers Market or temporary system issues. Bids or Offers impacted by Crossing will not be Matched, but will instead await the next opportunity to be Matched, unless Cancelled by the Customer.

4.2  Observations in the Platform’s user interface, both App and Website, may not necessarily be a true reflection of the series of events actually taking place in the underlying back-end technology system. This may ultimately give the impression of Crossing, when in fact it has not occurred.

5 Monitoring your Shares and Orders

5.1  Your Orders and Shares are displayed in a section of your Account known as your ‘Sportfolio’. The section shows the number of Shares you currently hold as well as Unmatched Orders, Cancelled Orders and details of Dividends.

5.2  The ‘Sportfolio Overview’ displays the Current Value of Shares in your Sportfolio. This calculation is by default based on the Adjusted Mid Price (“AMP”). SportStack record Price intervals of 15 minutes or more. This means that in volatile periods the Sportfolio valuation of your Current Value may be inaccurate.

5.3  Given the long term nature of a Career Markets Bet, you should consider a longer time horizon when assessing your Bet’s performance.

5.4  The Total Value of a Share is measured by adding the Current Value and Dividends earned on such Shares. If the Total Value exceeds the amount paid for such Shares, you are currently making a Profit based on the AMP. If the Total Value is less than the Amount Paid, you are currently making a Loss based on the AMP.  Please note that the Total Value is net of any applicable Commission or Charges.

5.5  During the lifetime of the Bet your Sportfolio can move from Loss to Profit, or Loss to Profit. The final outcome of the Bet is only known when a Player is Removed (which will see your Shares Expire at £0.00) or on a Cash Out.

5.6  SportStack aims to expand the options available to Customers assessing their Sportfolio’s Current Value in the future.

5.7  Please be aware that this is a betting product and your Sportfolio’s Current Value may increase or decrease at any time. Any Current Value stated is the value before any Commission is accounted for (Clause 11). It is important to consider that any Cash Out may be Matched above or below the AMP that your Current Value is anchored off – this will ultimately impact your Profit or Loss.

5.8  You will receive less than your Sportfolio’s Current Value if you choose to Offer your Shares at lower Prices where another Customer is already Bidding.

5.9  Given the nature of Career Markets it is advised you consider both the Current Value and Dividends Earned over the ownership period when assessing the final outcome of your Bet.

5.10  The default measure of calculating a Sportfolio’s Current Value may be changed, but we will communicate these changes in advance.

6 The Scoring

6.1  The Attributes set out in the Scoring Table determine how a Player’s Final Points Score in a match will be calculated. The Dividends a Player is due is based on this Final Points Score.

6.2  A Player earns different Points based on their “Playing-Position”. A Player’s initial Playing-Position is defined by OPTA. SportStack will show whether each Player is considered a goal-keeper (GK), defender (DEF), midfielder (MID) or forward (FWD). A Player’s Playing-Position cannot change during a season, but can change between seasons. For the avoidance of doubt SportStack would make any changes between English Premier League seasons, with the understanding that other leagues may be out of sync. This will be entirely at SportStack’s discretion and does not automatically change on OPTA reclassification even though initial classification on an Auction is taken from OPTA. A Player’s defined Playing-Position is not subjective and does not change depending on the physical area they spend most their time on the pitch.

6.3  Only the Points a Player accumulates during a 90 minute match plus stoppage/injury time will be counted. They are not extended in the event of extra-time or penalty shootouts.  This will include, a Player who receives a red or yellow card leaving the pitch, after the final whistle but before Collection End.

6.4  All Attributes received prior to the Collection End, or comparable reference point, will count towards a Players’ Final Points Score. Any change to Attributes from the match will be considered prior to Collection End.

6.5  SportStack reserve the right to adjust the Final Points Score, and therefore Dividends, based on the re-assignment of “High Scoring Attributes” in the 72 hours after settlement. This may see Dividends reversed and re-paid based of the new resulting. The impact on you personally may be either positive or negative and may result in temporary negative balances if for example you have withdrawn those Dividends already. This approach may be different to other SportStack Products.

6.6  SportStack will aim to show the accumulated points intra-match. This will be relayed as live as possible but, is subject to delays. SportStack rely on market leading third-party data providers OPTA (under Perform Group) to deliver the data, and this total can be revised up or down, impacting the expected Dividends.

6.7  If a single match is abandoned or postponed, a Career Markets Bet regarding a Player who may have played in such match will not be affected.

7 The Dividend

7.1  Customers who own Shares in Players will be eligible to win Dividends based on the Final Points Score achieved. The Dividend Table outlines the Dividends due based on the Final Points Score in a match.

7.2  Customers must own the Share at point when Dividends are paid out to be eligible to receive the Dividends.

7.3  Customers who own a Share and have Unmatched Offers will continue to receive Dividends in the Player until their Offer is Matched by an offsetting Bid.

7.4  Customers who have Unmatched Bids in Players will not be eligible to earn Dividends until their Bids are Matched.

7.5  Partially-Matched Orders will be split based on their Matched and Unmatched components. Dividends will be determined on a per Share basis. The Matched portion of a Bid will be eligible for Dividends, and the Unmatched portion of an Offer will be eligible for Dividends. The Unmatched portion of a Bid, or Matched portion of an Offer will not be eligible for Dividends.

7.6  There are Tiers of Competitions and Leagues within the Dividend Table that determine the Dividends that will be paid out to Share holders.  Only Players playing in the Eligible Competitions and Leagues can win Dividends. The following are included –

7.6.1  European Leagues: English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1;

7.6.2  two European club football Competitions: Champions League Group Stage onwards and Europa League Group Stage onwards; and

7.6.3  two international team competitions: World Cup and European Championship, excluding qualifiers. 

7.7  We reserve the right to add to, or remove from, the Eligible Competitions and Leagues in exceptional circumstances. It is important to consider which Tier each Competition or League falls into (see Clause 17)

7.8  Dividends tend to be paid out shortly after the match ends. SportStack make use of OPTA’s first Collection End to signal that Dividends can be paid, but there may be a delay on receiving this message or SportStack may at its own discretion choose to postpone payment of those Dividends in certain circumstances. This could be as a result of technical fault or other operational reasons. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check whether Dividends due have been paid to their wallet and show in their cash balance prior to Offering their Shares if they intended to wait for a specific Dividend to be paid prior to selling.

7.9  The Dividend Table outlines the base Dividends that can be expected over the life-time of the Bet you enter in to, but there are exceptional circumstances where this may be adjusted.

7.10  The underlying Dividend Table may be revised from time to time, but it is important to only consider official confirmation of any change through an official SportStack communication channel. We encourage all Customers to only place Bets based on the current Dividend Table, and to not be influenced by rumours within the community of possible increases.

7.11  Promotional Dividends may be offered in addition to those outlined in the Dividend Table, but these will be made available for a defined period only.

7.12  SportStack retain the right to alter the Payouts outlined in the Dividend Table up or down in exceptional circumstances. These exceptional circumstances would include accommodating a meaningful expansion of the Competitions or Leagues we already cover, for example please see the matters listed at 6.5 of the general Terms and Conditions. This may in turn mean the expected number of possible appearances for a Player in any given season meaningfully changes from what has become expected over time. We would endeavour to make these Dividend changes fair and proportional to any change in possible match appearances. We will not alter Dividends based on the number of substitutes permissible for any given Competition or League increasing or decreasing.

7.13  A Top Player Bonus Dividend will be paid in relation to Shares held in Career Markets.

7.14  Certain Dividends may be split. At the moment this only concerns the Top Player Bonus Dividend. In the event of a dead heat, that Dividend is split by the number of joint winners. Dividends can be split to fractional pennies.

7.15  Players cease to be eligible to earn Dividends under specific conditions. Please refer to Clause 8 – Removal of Players.

8 Removal of Players

8.1  There are certain conditions whereby SportStack has the discretion to remove a Player from the Platform, which will result in that Player no longer being eligible to receive Dividends and that the associated Bet will Expire at £0.00. These include, but are not limited to:

8.1.1  Player death;

8.1.2  Player retirement;

8.1.3  Player deemed missing by the relevant authorities for over 4 weeks;

8.1.4  Player is sentenced to prison;

8.1.5  Player not playing competitive football for an entire calendar year;

8.1.6  Player becomes a manager or member of staff for a football club;

8.1.7  when SportStack reasonably considers that a Player will not play football again for a continuous period of 365 days.

8.2  We endeavour to Remove Players that have seen a removal condition triggered within 48hrs of being notified.

8.3  SportStack’s decision to Remove a Player is final. We reserve the right to use our own reputable sources to confirm.

9 The Share Limit

9.1  The Share Limit is set at 100 Shares initially but, may be varied as the Product matures.

9.2  The Share Limit applies to the following, but these may be changed to have individual limits as the Product matures:

9.2.1  maximum cumulative Shares that can be Bid on a single Player’s Auction;

9.2.2  maximum number of Shares that can be Bid in a single Bet;

9.2.3  maximum number of Shares that can be Offered in a single Cash Out of a Bet.

10 The Price Increment

10.1  SportStack allow users to place Bids and Offers at specific Price Increments only. This is primarily to protect the integrity of Careers Market and to protect Customers from “front-running” Bids and Offers.

10.2  Front-running involves other Customers trying to input prices at a slightly more attractive level than the current market Prices. By enforcing minimum Price Increments the risk of front-running having a detrimental impact on Customer experience is minimised. This works in a very similar way to popular eCommerce auction sites that enforce bidding increments.

10.3  The current Price Increment table is as follows:

Price Range // Price Increment // Examples

£0.00-£2.00 // £0.01 // £1.39, £1.40, £1.41

£2.00-£5.00 // £0.02 // £3.46, £3.48, £3.50

£5.00 or more // £0.05 // £7.75, £7.80, £7.85

10.4  Bids and Offers placed between permissible Price Increments will either be rejected, or be adjusted accordingly. If adjusted, Bids will be adjusted and revised down the next lowest Price Increment e.g. £7.72 > £7.70, and Offers will be adjusted and revised up to the next highest Price Increment e.g. £7.72 > £7.75.

10.5  The Price Increments may be reviewed from time to time.

10.6  When observing Depth of Book please note that the maximum indication of the available liquidity at a specific Price Increment is limited to 100 Shares at present.

11 Commission

11.1  SportStack charge no Commission (0%) on all purchases of Shares in Careers Market. This includes both Bids entered in the Auction process and Bids placed in regular markets on Careers Market. There is no differentiation between leaving a Bid to later be Matched by another Customer or accepting an Offer that sees your Bid Matched almost instantly – both buy examples are 0% Commission.

11.2  SportStack charge a seller of a Share 2% Commission on the Value of any Share sale within Career Markets.  The “Value” is the sale price of such Share multiplied by the number of Shares sold. This Commission charge is rounded up to the nearest penny. This 2% charge applies to those who make Offers and are Matched at a later date, and those who Offer at the current Bid and are Matched almost instantly.

11.3  Partially-Matched Offers will only incur Commission charges on the Matched component of the Offer. Cancelled Offers, or the proportion of Partially-Matched Offers that are Cancelled, will incur no Commission charge.

11.4  The rates of Commission on both Bids and Offers may be revised from time to time.

11.5  Promotional periods may see Commission rates temporarily lowered, but for a defined period only.

11.6  Additional Charges may apply, as per section 3 of our Terms and Conditions.

12 Partial shares

12.1  At some point in time SportStack may choose to allow the Bidding and Offering of Partial-Shares. This would allow Customers on differing budgets a chance to buy and sell fractions of Shares and earn that same fraction of Dividends. This would be particularly useful if Prices were to rise over time.

12.2  This change would coincide with the ability to pay Customers partial-Dividends e.g. if you purchase half a Share, you will be eligible for half the Dividends detailed in the Dividend Table.

12.3  At such a time, fractional-pennies from Dividends will be stored up and be accessible in whole penny increments in your cash balance. SportStack will record decimal Dividends to 4 decimal places or more. Commissions on sales will continue to be rounded up to the nearest penny.

13 Restricted Accounts and closing process

13.1  Given the long-term nature of a Career Markets Bet, it is important to outline the processes that will be followed on Restricted Accounts holding Career Market Shares.

13.2  A Customer Account may be classified as a Restricted Account based on:

13.2.1  The Customer’s direct action (entering a self-exclusion, entering a time out, moving abroad, registering with GAMSTOP, or any other form of constraint put on themselves);

13.2.2  Through action from SportStack (responsible gambling interventions, suspicious activity by a Customer(s), a Customer breaking our terms and conditions, account investigation, or any other form of constraint initiated by SportStack or a relevant authority); or

13.2.3  A breach of our Agreement;

13.2.4  An Account which has been closed at the election of a Customer or SportStack.

13.3  Restricted Accounts will see:

13.3.1  SportStack make efforts to return your cash balance within 30 days (or sooner if you email support@sportstack.com).

13.3.2  SportStack will place any Shares you own on Offer at the current Best Offer price applicable to the time enacted.

13.3.3  SportStack will then return any funds to you in respect of either sales of your Shares, or Dividends earnt on unsold Shares on a monthly basis until all Shares are sold or 12 months pass when any unsold Shares will be sold at the then current Best Bid price, or where not possible, deemed to Expire early.

13.3.4  The minimum transfer amount will be £10 in any given month and if this threshold isn’t met the amount due to you will roll over to subsequent months until such a time that the amount due exceeds £10, or the 12th month passes, whichever comes sooner.

13.3.5  The standard Commission charges and any Charges apply to the sales of Shares from a Restricted Account. Further deductions may be made based on the Terms and Conditions – this includes reclaiming any bonus proceeds we deem to be fraudulently gained or acquired in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

13.3.6  If your Account is restricted by either yourself or by SportStack these funds may be held back whilst investigations continue and/or we await instruction from the relevant authority.

14 Voiding of Bets

14.1  SportStack retain the right to void/Cancel a Bet(s) that it deems are potentially fraudulent or break the rules outlined here or in the Terms and Conditions.

14.2  Given the exchange nature of parts of the Product, it is not possible to void Orders that have already been Matched (either Bids or Offers).

14.3  There are certain technical or human errors on SportStack’s part that may see Bets voided, but the reasoning will be clearly communicated in a timely manner to any Customers impacted. Such voiding would be exceptional.

15 Manipulation of markets

15.1  Career Markets are susceptible to manipulation and SportStack reserve its rights to, at its discretion, close or limit suspected Accounts.

15.2  Such manipulation may include efforts, of a single or group of Customers, to move pricing in order to trigger a certain reaction from regular Customers. The spreading of rumours may also constitute manipulation.

15.3  SportStack take such abuse as a serious breach of its terms and will not hesitate to take action on those suspected on doing so. This may include, but not be limited to, withholding of cash balances and/or profits, and limiting activity on their Accounts whilst an investigation takes place.

15.4  Please note that our Terms and Conditions contain terms that apply to all Products, including Career Markets, regarding the manipulation of the Platform, including but not limited to clauses 2.15, 2.16, 2.23, 2.25, 6.7 ,6.8 and 6.18.

16 The Scoring Table

16.1  The Scoring Table outlines the Attributes that Players can earn points on during each match.

16.2  These points are then summed at the end of the match (after the Collection End) to give the Final Points Score.

16.3  The Final Points Score then determines the Dividend that each Share of a Player Pays-Out. See the Dividend Table (Clause 17) for additional detail.

16.4  Take note of section 6 of these rules – ‘The Scoring’, for specific rules on how Attributes are collected and interpreted, and specifically Clause 6.5, detailing exceptional circumstances where the Final Points Score may be adjusted, based on the re-assignment of “High Scoring Attributes”.

17 The Dividend Table

17.1  The Dividend Table shows the Dividends that Customers are eligible to receive if they own a Player at point of settlement of that match.

17.2  Customers should make themselves comfortable with the Scoring Table which determines the Final Points Score, and in-turn the Dividends paid out on a Player, before placing a Bet on Career Markets.

17.3  There are currently two Tiers of Payouts covered by the Dividend Table. In the future this may be extended to cover more tiers, but any changes will be made clear prior to them coming into force.

17.4  Customers are encouraged to read the entire Terms and Conditions and Product Specific Betting Rules – Career Markets, in order to fully understand the Bets they are placing.

17.5  Tier 1 Competitions and Leagues:

17.5.1  English Premier League,

17.5.2  Champions League Group Stage onwards,

17.5.3  World Cup excluding qualifiers,

17.5.4  European Championship excluding qualifiers

17.6  Tier 2 Competitions and Leagues:

17.6.1  La Liga,

17.6.2  Bundesliga,

17.6.3  Serie A,

17.6.4  Ligue 1,

17.6.5  Europa League Group Stage onwards

17.7  The Dividend Table expressed in Dividend per Share:

Final Points Score // Tier 1 // Tier 2

0-49 // £0.00 // £0.00

50-59 // £0.01 // £0.005

60-64 // £0.02 // £0.01

65-69 // £0.03 // £0.015

70-74 // £0.04 // £0.02

75-79 // £0.05 // £0.025

80-84 // £0.06 // £0.03

85-89 // £0.07 // £0.035

90-94 // £0.08 // £0.04

95-99 // £0.10 // £0.05

100+ // £0.16 // £0.08

Top Player Bonus Dividend* // £0.02 // £0.01

*This is split by the number of joint top point scorers in a match in the event of a tie

Betvest Limited is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 54484