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Cookies Policy

Document Version 3.1.1
Last modified: 2020-11-12

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. They contain a small amount of information and your browser makes them available each time you visit a site. You can control their use.

Why do we use them?

- To allow users to logon to their SportStack account
- To allow users to define their logon preferences
- To monitor and collect information on transactions on the site/app
- For fraud prevention purposes

How do we use them?

Cookies can generally be bucketed into the following categories:

Essential – These allow you to navigate and make use of our site. They remember your bets you wish to place in a live session, format and position information on your screen and saves you logging back in on every visit

Personalisation – They assist in remembering what you have done on SportStack’s website. We cannot see your other history or personal information. It is used for the purposes of allowing you to see markets you have recently viewed.

Performance – These are tracking cookies and help SportStack to see how our website is used, how effective our adverts are, and to assess errors in terms of the user’s experience. Enabling your browsers “do not track” mode will turn off performance cookies.

Third Party – Help collate information on browser habits and link to third-parties to assist with targeted ads. To perform site retargeting whereby a pixel (tiny unit of code) on our webpage leaves cookies. These cookies then allow targeted adverts when you are on other sites. Enabling your browsers “do not track” mode will turn off third-party analytic cookies.

Any data collected will be used according to our Privacy Policy. You can amend your browsers settings to block some or all cookies. Blocking all, will prevent our site from functioning correctly, and SportStack accept no liability for any losses incurred in such a situation. You can find out how to change your cookies collection for your specific browser by searching online. If you have any questions please contact support@sportstack.com

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